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Jager and a magenta mood produced this-- [Feb. 18th, 2011|09:32 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~



The West Wing
Characters: CJ with mentions of Danny, Carol & Gail
Rated PG

Not mine. Only borrowing.

CJ sat behind her desk staring out the window. The pen tapping at her lip keeping time with her bouncing foot. There was so much to get done today, but none of it seemed important right now. Why was it always so hard to concentrate when he was around? Not that he was around, but he would be. A more than reliable source had let her know he would be back. He, Danny. Daniel Concannon. The only man who could make her blood boil and her heart beat quicker at the same time. How long had he been gone? It didn't matter, not really. His coming back wouldn't change anything. Those sometimes too convenient conflicts of interest stood in the way of what might be. What would never be, if she were honest with herself.

She let out a sigh and swivelled her chair around to face her desk. The Christmas tree in Gail's bowl only served as a reminder that the lonely holiday was fast approaching. No family to celebrate with this year. There would only be friends who carried a similiar burden of duty and dedication. CJ was saved from the thoughts of Danny's kind  voice and all-too-knowing eyes as Carol entered the office to remind her of the afternoon briefing. A bright spot in the day. Despite the often strained relationship of the press corps and press secretary, a mutual respect had fostered a ritual of Santa and gifts. As CJ left her office she wonedered what the gift would be this year...