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"The Flamingo is a ridiculous looking bird!" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

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Allison Janney Wallpaper [Mar. 9th, 2011|03:54 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

Here @ ghostnetwork
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Jager and a magenta mood produced this-- [Feb. 18th, 2011|09:32 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~


The West Wing
Characters: CJ with mentions of Danny, Carol & Gail
Rated PG

Not mine. Only borrowing.

... if she were honest with herself.Collapse )...if she were honest with herselfCollapse )

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They Call Her the Jackal: Top 10 Reasons why CJ Cregg is Best TV Character Ever [Feb. 4th, 2011|01:03 am]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

They Call Her the Jackal: Top 10 Reasons why CJ Cregg is Best TV Character EverCollapse )
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146 CJ Cregg icons [Jan. 13th, 2011|01:11 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

As I'm rewatching the show, I've challenged myself to make icons of CJ for every single episode she's in. This means 146 icons. Definitely not dial-up friendly!

[x] 1-22 Season 1
[x] 23-43 Season 2
[x] 44-65 Season 3
[x] 46-88 Season 4
[x] 89-110 Season 5
[x] 111-129 Season 6
[x] 130-146 Season 7


Here @ creation_corner
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C.J. Icons [Jan. 11th, 2011|06:45 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

1-14: The Closer (Brenda/Sharon, Sharon and her gnome)
15-45: Smallville (Lois, Tess, Lois/Tess, Clois)
46-56: The West Wing (C.J. Cregg)

don't hotlink, don't edit, please comment, please credit mammothluv

Photobucket  alt= Photobucket

(icons, icons, icons...)
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i guess this is why there's fanfic... [Jun. 18th, 2010|11:47 am]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~


Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE C.J./Danny fan, but something has been nagging at me. In some alternate universe wouldn't it be a little bit wonderful if C.J. and John Hoynes got together? Maybe she would straighten him out (maybe she wouldn't) and they would rise to great power (and mutual happiness) together. Like I said, alternate universe.
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2010|12:05 am]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

Three weeks ago, I dared myself to write fifty (50) fanfics in seventy-two (72) hours.
Next week, I'm doing it all over again.

Exact dates are still TBD, but you can keep up with each & every development
by dropping over to ficing_insane 
by following me on twitter.

Prompts are open!

Submit one -it's free, and I'm guaranteed to shower you with praise.
To prove it, I'll start now.  You're awesome!  I really like your hair!
♥ ♥ ♥


I always feel awkward posting back-to-back; feel free to delete my potential fail. 
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2010|10:34 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~



watch (& read) it all @ ficing_insane 

or follow me on twitter: @ficinginsane
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Hiya :D [Feb. 20th, 2009|05:46 pm]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

So i just joined the community and wanted to say, it's fabulous. I love what i've looked through so far and have already snagged a few icons :) ! Also wanted to say hi to everyone and see if there's any rules/regulations i should know about and welcome anything, anyone's got to say :)
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Hi-de-Hi;; [Feb. 20th, 2009|03:40 am]
~*~Allison Janney Fans~*~

[mood |contentcontent]
[music |k.d. lang - Miss Chatelaine]

I thought i'd welcome myself into this community by posting some icons I just made;
+2 Wallpapers.

Icon Teasers:

++++Collapse )
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